Sunday, August 16, 2009

Exercise options for pregnant women

Since finding out I was pregnant I have tried numerous activities to stay in shape.  Of course, I wasn't really into exercise before I got pregnant so this has been a challenge.  My mother and sisters have both warned me that child birth is like running a marathon and I should get my butt up off the couch.  So here are the various activities I have tried so far during this pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga video at home - My goal was twice a week. In reality I only (at most) did this twice every 2 weeks.  I generally felt better afterward.  The trick was getting myself motivated to do it more often.

Ball Bouncing Mamas (class through Salem Hospital) - I attended all 4 classes and really felt good afterward. The only downside was the fact that this class is only offered every other month.

Prenatal Yoga class - I wasn't impressed and for $12 I needed to be.  The class is only held on Fridays and I just didn't feel very welcome there.

Walking around the neighborhood - This is nice as long as the temperature is below 75 degrees. It's August and we recently had a triple digit heat wave. This lovely activity is free but has it's limitations (at least for this pregnant woman).

Aqua Fit (class through the YMCA downtown) - So far so good .. the class meets MWF and I've attend 3 classes (using two guest passes & one $13 day pass).  Tomorrow I plan on getting a temporary membership for a month for $79.50 (which will give me unlimited access to this class) and hopefully prepare me for the big event in September.

I hope this works. I'm tired of looking for exercise options in Salem.

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