Saturday, August 15, 2009

Finding a pattern in the chaos

After months of procrastinating I've decided to organize the clothes (new & used) we received for our little guy.  I've never been much of a fashionista so the idea of sorting through baby clothes is a bit daunting.  How am I suppose to know what a baby should wear?

To narrow things down a bit I start searching online for answers.  Bad idea. Can we say information overload .. and most of it useless.  Using the small bits of USEFUL information I ran across I created a worksheet to narrow down which items I needed. Then I went through and tossed (returned or gave to charity) the clothing items that were not necessary.  Heck, why should I hold on to something that we're not going to use (and will just take up valuable space).  I'm proud to say that I'm done :-)

I will post a blank copy of the worksheet I used to organize the clothing chaos in our nursery soon.

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