Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stop trying to scam people!

So recently I've been diving into samples and coupons.  Along the way I have run into a few "free" promotions and I must say that I am NOT impressed.  Most of time they appear to be scams.  They do not list requirements clearly and if you have to purchase something to get the "free" item(s) they conveniently forget to state the price anywhere on the website.

One example of this can be found at

If you look closely there are a few prices mentioned in the Membership Agreement box in the form on the right, but that's about it. I dare you to find out how much they charge per month.

The following promotion had some of the rules displayed at the bottom of the page.

After reading them I'm convinced that the whole process to redeem the bundle  is ridiculous.  Once again you have to buy things to qualify and they don't tell you right off what they are. My guess is that they know most people will not go through the whole process.  What they really are doing is trying to harvest your email to sell to a 3rd party.

Don't fall for the scam! If you do choose to go through with these "offers" create a junk email account and use it instead of your regular email.  It will save you a lot of time and headache.

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