Monday, March 15, 2010

Qwest has lost a customer

I know that no service provider is perfect and issues come up from time to time BUT.. Qwest has failed to provide us with good service for the last time.

Last week we noticed that our phone line stopped working a few times, for a few hours each time. This was annoying, but we assumed it was some sort of blip in the system and just chose to let it pass.

Sunday, March 14 rolls around and we realized early in the day that our phone was not working again. This time my husband uses my prepaid cell phone and tries to contact Qwest. After many attempts to find out what was happening he finally receives an automated message stating that our service would be back up by the 19th. You read that right, the 19th!

At 11:00pm the phone was still not working.

At this point we start to discuss our other options. We could get Comcast instead of Qwest. Of course, this sounds odd since we've never subscribed to cable television but who knows.. maybe there is a good deal out there for people who don't watch cable television on a television. The other option is to get CLEAR, an internet and phone service provider just recently available in Salem. They have some great specials. I just wish I knew how reliable they were overall.

So our only two options include Comcast, which I've heard many horror stories about, and CLEAR, which is so new in Salem I don't know anyone else who has it here. Hm.. We shall see..

At this point, the phone is finally working again.

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