Tuesday, March 23, 2010

South Gateway Neighbors

So I live in one of the largest neighborhoods in Salem, South Gateway. Did you know that over 13,000 individuals make up this community?

Amazing! This area has definitely grown leaps and bounds over the last 20 years. Of course, this leaves many of us wondering, “Do I really need to get involved? With so many people in our neighborhood I bet they don’t need me.” That's not true. WE NEED YOU!

A neighborhood association is like a garden. With a bit of time and care it can grow into something wonderful to be shared by all, but if left uncared for it will fall apart. I do not want that to happen to the South Gateway Neighborhood Association (SGNA).

I moved to South Gateway with the hope of becoming part of a greater community. To make this happen I joined the neighborhood association board and discovered a great wealth of information about our area. As a new resident of Salem this information was invaluable. SGNA also provided me with a way to network with others in our neighborhood.

So far, getting new people involved has been a challenge. Maybe I am missing something since I did not grow up in this area.

Can someone please tell me what would get you excited about your neighborhood?

We have tried ads in the paper, word of mouth, flyers, a website, and even a Facebook page. I am asking for YOUR honest (even brutal) input on this matter.

What would encourage you to interact with your neighbors?

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