Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Welcome to the neighborhood

Before I moved to Salem I visualized a friendly place where neighbors knew and socialized with each other regularly. Well, things haven't really turned out that way.

The neighbors on my street seem very nice. Unfortunately, I hardly know them. I'm ashamed to say I only know the names of three. When driving down the street I smile and wave, but that is the extent of our interaction. Now I guess I could have gone door to door and said hello to each of my neighbors when I moved in but that just seemed weird.. isn't suppose to go the other way around? Oh well.

Time has passed and now I feel like I can introduce myself and start a new trend. The next new neighbor to move in will get a welcome basket and a friendly,"hello". That's the way it should be, right?


Salem Man said...

I think, in general, Salemites have a cold first impression with newcomers. Let's all get to know are neighbors better and shed this chilly reputation.

SalemMom said...

Thanks Salem Man! I hope Salemites take your advice :-)