Tuesday, May 4, 2010

CLEARly Bad - We're going back to Qwest

We tried out CLEAR (internet & voice) and were disappointed. Service went down at least three times in less than a month. Each time we were on the phone with tech support for over 2 hours! (I'm glad we have our prepaid cell phone otherwise we would have been without a phone.)

The last time I called CLEAR customer service and explained the situation they responded,"Did you call tech support when your internet went down?" I had to laugh because phone service with them does not work if the internet service goes down.

To be fair, two of the service drops were after midnight. Of course, that's when I get work done so I notice the lack of connection.

I would understand if they had regular maintenance as long as they notified me in advance. Of course, when I brought up this option the CLEAR rep said a tech support ticket would have to be submitted and there was no guarantee they would agree to tell me (via email) that maintenance would be happening at such and such time(s). Well, days went by after this conversation and then "BAM". The internet went down again and not surprising they never responded to my request for advance notification of maintenance.

That was the last straw! We called Qwest this morning and have agreed to go back. What a waste of time and money! If you live in Salem, OR think carefully before you sign up with CLEAR.

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