Wednesday, June 9, 2010

All new moms should have an iPod Touch

Recently, I purchased an iPod Touch and it has helped keep me sane. My wonderful 8 month old baby has decided that sleeping in the crib during the day is a bad idea. So much of my time is spent holding him so he will nap.

Now I know what you're thinking, "Why don't you put him in the crib and walk away during nap times?" Well, we have many times, and each time it has ended badly. So here we are holding the sleeping baby.

About a month or so ago, Ben was just fine napping in his crib. Then after getting over several colds it all changed. He clings and cries every time I take him near his crib. The only other way to put him down for a nap is to drive him around in the car.

Now his dad can place him in the crib. Of course, when that happens Ben will only sleep for 30 minutes tops and be incredibly cranky until his next nap. At his age he's suppose to get about 3 hours worth of naps a day. So two 30 minutes naps won't cut it.

I've heard that babies get separation anxiety at this age so I'm hoping he will grow out of this soon!


Angela said...

Sorry to be the one to break the bad news--- sometimes they don't grow out of it. :(
My sons both hated the crib. My first followed your same nap routine for over a year. My solution: I joined a book club. I held him while he napped and read my book at the same time - it was the very start of a lifetime of mother-multitasking.

We rather quickly moved our babies to a mattress on the floor. I could lay next to the darlings and 'roll away' once they were asleep. It worked wonders. Our crib became the laundry hamper.

Every Mommy has to find her own way, I'm sure you'll find yours and share it with another Mom down the line. And eventually those sweet boys do sleep 'like a baby' - its just that then - they are not.

SalemMom said...

Angela I appreciate your honesty! It's nice to hear from another mom who has dealt with what I am going through right now. I like your idea of mother-multitasking :-)