Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fuzzi Bunz are our favorite cloth diaper

If you are thinking of using cloth diapers instead of disposables I'll save you a lot of time on research. Get pocket cloth diapers. I'll repeat that again get pocket cloth diapers!

If you are new to the whole cloth diapering thing I'll sum it up for you.

1) There are three main types of cloth diapers: prefolds, pockets, and All In Ones (AIO).

2) Prefolds are what most people imagine when they think of cloth diapers. Bulky and in my opinon a pain to deal with (compared to pocket and disposable diapers). If you want more information on prefolds I suggest googling it. I should mention they are the cheapest option of the three types.

3) AIO diapers take a LONG time to dry in the dryer. Also, the ones I liked were much more expensive than pockets and prefolds.

4) Pocket diapers are almost as simple as an AIO minus the price tag and drying issues.

Now I could go into great detail on the different types, but I won't since there are countless posts on the Internet that do just that. What I will tell you is why we decided to go with Fuzzi Bunz One Size (not Perfect Size) cloth diapers.

1) They have a high resell value and are generally harder to find used than other cloth diapers. I assume this is because people keep them to use with multiple kids. If I ever wanted to sell our diapers I'm confident I could without a problem.

2) They have numerous areas on the diaper that can be adjusted to fit your child better (back waist adjustable elastic, adjustable elastic leg area, and snaps that change the rise and run of the diaper).

3) They fit most kids from newborn through potty training. So I only needed to buy ONE set of diapers. To give you an idea of sizing, my son currently fits a size 5 disposable diaper and he still has room to grow more into his cloth diapers.

4) After 4 months of using cloth instead of disposables, we save about $100/month. Including shipping, the cost of 24 Fuzzi Bunz One Size diapers was about $400.

I could go on and on but I will stop there. Hopefully, my straight forward answers will be helpful to some of you.

Be well!

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Tazmy said...

I find my fuzzibunz are useful, but they don't save me as much as I hoped. There are several times during growth spurts I just can't get the right fit and I have to use disposable or give in to leaks and blowouts. I also find my daughter does get rashes even when we change her very often, and the cream issue means putting her in disposables.

Thus I love my cloth diapers but we still spend 50 a month on disposables.

I do find the Rumparooz fit better than the fuzzibunz and work better during growth spurts. They also seem more comfortable with less elastic issues. I worry, however, that she will outgrow them before the fuzzibunz.