Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Salem Needs More Drive Thrus

Since becoming a mom I've developed a love for drive thrus. If your business has one I will drive an extra 10 miles to use it.

Before having my baby I rarely ever ventured through a drive thru. Now I have to resist going through them every day. The convinience of not having to lug my child (& diaper bag) into a store is too great. Plus the car is one of the few places Ben will sleep.

Getting an extra 10+ minutes of peace in the car is pure bliss. Soon to be moms and dads I recommend getting together now a list of drive thrus near you. Trust me you'll use it.

Since Salem is a family centered town full of moms searching for the nearest drive thru why don't more businesses offer this service?

Do you have a favorite drive thru in Salem, OR?

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