Monday, January 17, 2011

Do you think Cherrios are cheaper at Costco.. think again!

Based off my observations this week.

Cherrios at Costco cost $0.154 an ounce. So a 14 ounce box would cost ~$2.15.

A 14 ounce box of Cherrios costs $1.99 at Winco. If you go with a generic brand it's even cheaper!

Don't assume Costco is always cheaper!


Salem Man said...

I agree, Winco is at least on par(if not cheaper) then the prices at Costco. Because of the bulk purchasing the total bill at Costco is always more then Winco. Costco does have better quality, so it might be a fairer comparison with Roth's on produce and meats. You might get a better deal on some steaks from Costco over Roth's, but you have to freeze half of your Costco purchase. I would rather spend a buck or so more and get fresh meats at Roth's.

Rebekah said...

In multiple tests by my brother-in-law, Winco won out as the cheapest grocery store, even over Wal-mart. Plus, its employee owned so you're doing a lot more for the local economy by shopping at Winco than Wal-mart or Costco.