Sunday, September 11, 2011

Playtime Activities - 22 to 24 months

As my son got older we started to add a few more activities to our list. If any of these do not make sense to you please let me know and I would be happy to update this post.

Playtime Activities - 22 to 24 months

Go to the Salem Center Mall
- Ride on the escalators
- Ride on the elevator
- Watch cars from the sky bridge

- Peekaboo with Mom or Dad
- Play with CD boom box and tape player (watch out if it's plugged into the wall)
- Walk around the neighborhood
- Check out neighborhood steps, cars, and animals (doggies & kitties)
- Visit with neighbors
- Watch airplanes and cars in motion
- Push kids shopping cart around
- Crawls through tunnel
- Ball - throw, hide, push around in cart, rolls through tunnel
- Climbs up and down the couch
- Enjoys squeezing through tight spaces
- Reading*
- Tickle time
- Music & Dance time
- Close household doors
- Open household doors
- Water the plants
- Grocery shopping in cart
- Walk around the store (don't forget shoes)
- Social event (2 hours max)
- Car ride ^^
- Visit the library (crawl up and down the stairs, ride in the elevator)
- Go through letters and numbers while in the bath

*At this point he mostly flip through the pages instead of letting us read them.

^^ Try to limit length of drive since most toddlers this age don't want to sit still that long and get fussy!

Note: Mealtime can also be a good time to introduce books. I read to my son every time he is in his highchair. Also he loves to throw books from his highchair. We were not able to stop this behavior. So instead we've taught Ben to hand us his books after every meal so we can put them back on the table.

Naps are a bit more consistent but so is resistance to said naps.

Naptime is between. 12:45 and 1:00pm. There were a few days where scheduling made naps impossible. On those days we kept him incredibly busy the hour and half before bed. Otherwise a complete meltdown would occur.

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