Sunday, September 11, 2011

Playtime Activities - NB to 10 months

After my son was born I started writing down activities we did during the day. I figured this might give other new moms ideas for planning their day. Honestly, I was pretty stumped in the beginning on how to amuse my child.

Playtime Activities - NB to 10 months

- Blanket time with Mom or Dad
- Exersaucer (10 min)
- Reading*
- Tickle time
- Music & Dance time
- Help Mom or Dad with dishes or laundry*
- Go for a walk outside (take hats)*
- Water the plants*
- Grocery shopping in carrier
- Social event (1.5 hours max)
- Watch mobile in crib
- Car ride

*These are considered mellow playtime activities usually done while holding baby in a carrier.

For fun try describing your activity in a song. I would grab any tune that came to mind (e.g. Row, row, row your boat) and just start singing about washing the dishes :-)

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